This new interactive website brings together Rachel Lichtenstein’s substantial archive of audio interviews with former and current Jewish residents of East London, with testimony from the Sandys Row collection, new and archival photographs, original research produced collaboratively by the team and essays from the Survey of London. Covering more than 70 significant sites, it aims to become a lasting document of the history and memory traces of the Jewish East End of London.

This project would not have been possible without the help of countless individuals. Firstly we would like to thank the late Professor Bill Fishman, Rachel’s mentor and friend, the first to put the story of the social and working-class history of the Jewish East End into print, whose pioneering work has been an inspiration for this project. There are many others who have shared their memories of the Jewish East End with Rachel Lichtenstein during the past twenty years whose stories are included in this interactive map: Julie Bloom, Majer Bogdanski, Rochelle Cole, Alan Dein, Maria Drifill, Frances Eden, Rose Edmands, Leo Epstein, Bill Fishman, Barry Gelkoff, Henry Glanz, Pip Goldstein, Harry Gilbert, Jack Kaye, Leslie Kaye, Ivan and Irene Kingsley, Sid Kirsch, Bernard Kops, Frances Eden Krelman, Michael Lazarus, Tony Laurence, Alex Moss, William Myers, Sylvia Pomper, Beattie, June and Maureen Orwell, Jean Rappaport, Irene (Renee) Rosenthal, Harvey Rifkind, Marion, and Polly Weiss.

Special thanks to Paul Darby, who has been an invaluable assistant on this project and for his interviews with Emma Krais and Amanda Myers. Thanks also to Jonathan Juniper for his wonderful contemporary photographs of the sites as they are today, whose images appear on the map popups. Special thanks also to: Sandys Row Synagogue for sharing some of their recordings of the Jewish East End from the project; Bryan Gordon at Jewish Care for helping to arrange oral history interviews; to the Bishopsgate Institute Archives for their generous support throughout and for the permission to use images from their collections. This thanks for photo permissions extends to: Estate of Jon Allin, Alan Dein, the Jewish Museum London, the London Metropolitan Archives, Alison Light and the Estate of Raphael Samuel, Tower Hamlets Local History Library, Shloimy Alman, and to all the many individuals past and present who have in different ways contributed to the on going story of the Jewish East End.

Unless otherwise stated all audio excerpts are from people Rachel Lichtenstein has interviewed over the past twenty years who have willingly agreed to take part in her various projects exploring Jewish life in East London. As far as we are aware their stories are as true as memory and time allow. Some of the voices you here are from people who are sadly no longer with us. We have tried wherever possible to contact the relatives of these people to ask for permission to use their stories in this project. Apologies in advance for any omissions.

Thanks also go to the project’s Principal Investigator, Dr Duncan Hay from the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, Peter Guillery from the Survey of London, and Professor Laura Vaughan from the Space Syntax Laboratory at the Bartlett Faculty for the Built Environment, University College London, who collectively brought their own expertise to this project. Texts provided by the Survey of London derive from its Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded 'Histories of Whitechapel' project (reference AH/N00146X/1) and have been researched and written by Peter Guillery, Dr Sharman Kadish, Dr Sarah Milne, Dr Aileen Reid and Amy Spencer. This project has been made possible through funding from UCL’s Bartlett Faculty Research Materialisation Grant, which we gratefully acknowledge.


The site texts on this website were written and edited variously by Rachel Lichtenstein, Laura Vaughan, and Peter Guillery with the Survey of London team. Unless otherwise indicated, the text is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) This license allows you to share, copy, distribute and transmit the work for personal and non-commercial use providing author and publisher attribution is clearly stated. Attribution should include the following information:
Rachel Lichtenstein, Peter Guillery, Duncan Hay, and Laura Vaughan (2020). A Memory Map of the Jewish East End. Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, UCL.

All audio recordings on this website are copyright © 2020 Rachel Lichtenstein. Contemporary photography is copyright © 2020 Jonathan Juniper. Unless otherwise stated, all copyrights for archival images are held by their respective owners and are used with permission. You may not reproduce copyrighted material without the express written permission of the rights holder. If you are a copyright holder and have a query about any of the images on this site please contact


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